Nasimiyu Wekeasa i koraliki

Nasimiyu (it sounds like nice to meet you:) Wekeasa was born in Kenya, but her mother is from Uganda. She grew up in a family with 40 children, what gave her a deep sense of commitment to tribes - we can read at her website. In 1994 she went to U.S. and opened the Zebra Trading Company in Berkeley, which sold African art and crafts. Today Nasimiyu is famous jewelry designer, her works are the favourite ones of many celebrities. Every piece of Nasimiyu is unique and handmade. Prices starts from a few hundreds of US dollars.
From over 15 years she cares about the orphants from Kenya. Nasimiyu is one of the founders of "Born to Aid" - ngo registrated in Kenya, supporting african orphants.

At the picture: Nasimiyu is on the left, her sister is on the right, in the middle is Rasoa, who helped them to care about the children from their village.

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