I boycott everything that is not made by my hand!

...And if I want to I‘ll put paper trees in that street
and cardboard birds that go tweet, tweet, tweet.
And if I want to I‘ll pencil in a piece of land,
a whole farm and cardboard cows on demand....


Why actually handmade is the best thing in the world ?

Spisek żarówkowy - nieznana historia zaplanowanej nieprzydatności

Pupazzetti by Irene Pattarelli

Irene is good architect, great illustrator of books for children and awesome cakes seller. She lives and works in Barcelona. Ones upon a time she was making pupazzetti. Here you have some examples. Enjoy:)


Inge Jacobsen, Vogue and handmade photography

From the artist statement: I have created a series consisting of covers of Vogue magazines that I have cross-stitched into. The process involves making holes with a needle to prevent the paper from getting damaged when I start sewing into it. This is all done by eye. Then it’s a case of very carefully cross-stitching the whole thing. It takes roughly 50 hours to create one piece, but this does depend on the image. This process makes the covers very tactile and it creates something that is impossible to reproduce on a large scale. Each piece is unique and handmade and I feel I have taken it out of circulation and made it something of my own. (...)

Although images of these covers have ended up on many different websites around the world and have subsequently become part of the mass produced world, the originals cannot be reproduced. Experiencing this work in the flesh is quite different from looking at a scanned image. Its glossiness is gone in the flesh and is replaced with a soft cloth surface. On a conceptual level I also feel it removes the gloss and glamour from the world of high fashion and replaces it with an old fashioned homely feel.